Ever want to be a part of Holiday’s Restaurant?

We have so many amazing customers come through our doors every day, and we are always looking for ways to make all of you really feel at home and really show how much of a part of Holiday’s you are!

Well, you’ve probably noticed that our new site is finally up and running.  As we were putting it all together, we realized that we don’t have pictures of lots of the favorite menu items!  We thought about hiring a fancy photographer, but one fateful day during lunch one of our regulars used their iPad to snap a picture of their dish before digging in, and then it hit us.

We want YOU to be a part of our site!

Order your favorite dishes, and like our previously mentioned muse, snap a picture and upload it to our Facebook.  If we can use it for our site, we will, and you’ll receive 10% off that menu item on your next order (so pick your favorite!)!

Please be sure to tag yourself in your photos so we know who to contact about using the image.